Margarine doesn’t go bad, or so Richard thinks. All poor Joe wanted was a chance to tool his deck. A comedy short by Geek Collateral Media starring Richard Veltri and Joe Ciaravino.

Director of Photography: Sean Marjoram
Producer and Writer: Devin Edwards
Camera Operator: Stuart Needham
Gaffer: Danielle Peckitt
Sound Recordist: Michael Facchini
Production Assistant: Martin Facchini
Art Direction: Sarah “KitCat” Varnam

“As Equals”
Poetry film

Photography by: Sean G. Marjoram
Written by: Devin P.L. Edwards

“Dial ‘P’ for Psycho”
A short horror parody produced by Atomcraft Entertainment, starring Nicolas Dilollo, Richard Veltri, and Nicole Lawrence.

Director: Stuart Needham
Writer: Danielle Peckitt
Camera: Sean Marjoram
Sound Recordist: Devin Edwards
Production Assistants: KitCat and Dan Dingman

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