Portrait Study 25 March 2014


Lighting study I completed this week. I wanted to deviate from the usual portrait style of Key Light, Back and Fill and came up with this concept. The subject Scott Williams (an excellent photographer in his own right) did a wonderful job of fitting the mood of the design. I used a slight grey-ish blue finish and high contrasts with a bump in clarity in Lightroom. You can find the lighting design below along with the camera specs.

Happy shooting,

Sean G. Marjoram


Space Art at Creatures Creating

Ahoy, fellow geeks.

Some of my abstract pieces are currently on display at Creatures Creating gallery, and since they’re kind of geeky (as in, they are of space–stars clusters, galactic detritus, and what have you), I thought I’d share.

@Creatures Creating

@Creatures Creating

Me standing awkwardly with my art..

Me standing awkwardly with my art.

My family is very supportive.

My family is very supportive (see also the next photo).

My father looking at Devin Edwards's Geek Collateral business cards.

My father looking at Devin Edwards’s Geek Collateral business cards.

Visit Apple of My Odd Eye for more photos.

Boldly go,

Science Fiction and Fantasy Art from the Geek Collateral Team

As some of you may know, many members of the Geek Collateral team are artists. A lot of it’s pretty geeky.

See exhibit A:

"Looking for the Ghost" - Sarah Y. Varnam

“Looking for the Ghost” – Sarah Y. Varnam

Recently (today, in fact!), I put together a post on Apple of my Odd Eye featuring some of my geekiest work to date, ranging from the robot doll contemplating her consciousness above to dryads and gorgons. To see more of my geeky art and more art in general, click this link or click on the robot.
Stay shiny,